[those who eat is too full what is endangered] the – of disadvantage of _ of influence of too full _ that _ eats

[those who eat is too full what is endangered] the – of disadvantage of _ of influence of too full _ that _ eats

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In the life, our inedible is too full, because too full meeting brings about our intestines and stomach to cannot be absorbed, because abdominal distension and wait sorely, still can cause digest do not think, to intestines and stomach go up breathing out is bigger, A pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Hope everybody is wanting to notice edible is measured at ordinary times. Eating too full meeting brings about adipose cell to increase and blood capillary greatens, affect brain wait for blood, and meeting occurrence consenescence, suggest everybody wants the dietary convention with good nurturance.

Those who eat is too full have what harmShanghai Long Feng forum

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Eating too full harm

1. is fed do not pass full the burden that can reduce gastric bowel line

Often gorge will be aggravating the burden that gastric bowel, bring about indigestion. Such, in was not by the sluggish Shang Chang with digestive long food, a lot of toxic substance and carcinogen are formed below the action of alvine path bacterium, bring about a stomachForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Alvine path disease and cancer are like alvine cancer to wait. In addition, these material still can injure central nervous system.

2. is fed do not pass full can prevent and defer cerebrum the function degrades

Modern medicine considers to discover, there is a kind to cry in the person’s cerebra ‘ fiber bud cell grows factor ‘ the amount of this kind of factor after person gorge can count times than increasing when gorge. And cell of bud of this kind of fiber grows factor can make adipose cell and cell of blood capillary endodermis increase, make arteriosclerosis cause cerebrum coriaceous blood oxygen in short supply, bring about encephalatrophy and cerebral function finally to degrade, affect the person’s life thereby.

Those who eat is too full have what harm

3. is fed not too full can prevent premature senility

Can arise in metabolization process all sorts of ‘ freedom radical ‘ they are extremely harmful to human body material it can bring about cellular injury, arterial hemal sclerosis to promote human body consenescence. Science considers to prove, human body absorbs energyLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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More, the progress of ageing is rapidder. This shows is fed do not pass full can defer consenescence, prolong life,

4. is fed do not pass full can prevent, reduce ‘ Li of riches and honour ‘ incidence of a disease

In recent years, because standard of living rises greatly. More and more the person meet with of countryside suffers from thrombus of hypertensive, tall lipemia, coronary heart disease, head, diabetic, gout, among them one has among them number at the same time those who plant ‘ metabolization is asked for integratedly ‘ the health that gives people and life brought huge to endanger. The nutrition inside the happening of these diseases and body is superfluous have affinity. And feed do not pass full can control energy absorb avoid nutrition superfluous, decrease ‘ the happening of disease of riches and honour.

5. is fed do not pass full basically be to show every meal has 7, most probably full OK.

Those who eat is too full have what harm

Eat 3 kinds of food after maintaining to come rescue

1. red wine. The freedom that takes too much fast adipose food to be able to make body generation many base, quicken consenescence thereby. Red wine fights oxidation much phenol mediumly kind material, can reduce the harm of fast adipose food to the body. According to a research of the United States, play knife and fork drinks bit of red wine after turkey meat suddenly, oxide third passes in the body 2 aldehyde (the content of MDA) will be little 75% , and MDA is adipose the by-product after digesting, may bring about the happening of heart disease. Gluttony hind drinks a cup of red wine, or fall to use red wine cuisine very good, but remember, one cup sufficient, do not want excessive.

2. vinegar. Engorge later, blood sugar can lift at high speed. Such blood sugar is fluctuant not only adverse to diabetic person, return the health that can affect normal person. Have research discovery, one spoon vinegar is drunk after eating 100 auspicious cake, of blood sugarShanghai Long Feng forum

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Ascendant slow down half, and the food that gets the person that try to be able to eat 275 kilocalorie less in a day. One spoon vinegar is drunk when having a meal, perhaps irrigate bit of vinegar on dish of cold and dressed with sause, can alleviate the heighten of blood sugar quickness after the gluttony.

3. fruit. Big fish big meat later, had better choose a fruit to do sweetmeats. After if be in,eating high energy big food, do not eat vegetable fruit again, can make the body anile faster. Consider to discover, contain a lot ofthe fruit that fights oxidation material, for instance berry, grape, yangtao is mixed cherry, can reduce full postprandial freedom radical is damaged.

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Epilogue: Did everybody see above what impressions does have? Yes, those who eat is full, the mouth is comfortable, can be our stomach, our body meets with blame, must control oneself when have a meal so, but if eat too full, that must eat additional these 3 kinds of food, it can reduce the harm of our stomach ministry, the harm that reduces our body!

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