[how does infantile highland reaction do] how does _ darling _ solve –

[how does infantile highland reaction do] how does _ darling _ solve –

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Downy reaction is a kind of commonner physiology response. Usually, if people ascends highland when, can produce this kind of reaction. And on the body that downy reaction also can produce in the baby, this kind of reaction can bring a lot of unwell to feel to people, serious word, can browbeat even the patient’s life is safe. So, did the baby appear how should downy reaction have treatment?

How does infantile highland reaction do

One, the cure that acute highland reacts

(Once consideration acute highland reacts,1) rests, before the symptom was not improved, should stop ascend, lie in bed rests and compensatory liquid. Light disease person can not grant to handle, general classics gets used to 1 ~ proper motion of 2 weeks of symptoms disappears.

(Bazoo of classics of 2) oxygen cure is in charge of or face guard absorbs oxygen (1Shanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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After ~ 2L/min) , symptom of almost entire case alleviates.

(3) medications chloric piperazine of aspirin of application of the person that have a headache, amino to acetyl phenol, Buluofen or Pu Lu; When disgusting vomiting1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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, flesh notes third chloric pull Qin (or) of armour Pai chlorpromazine; Response is more serious person take into consideration the circumstances is chosen demulcent, composed, stop spit wait for medicaments to be treated to disease, if go painful piece, amine of armour oxygen chloric general. Have a headache reach vomiting to still can be used ” ammonia attacks benzene ” reach ” disappear vomit is peaceful ” , latter main effect at vomitive centre1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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Do not have inhibition to other area. Serious case of illness, rice of a place of strategic importance of ground of profess to convinced loosens or pine of rice of ground a place of strategic importance and acetazolamide combine application.

(Symptom of cure of 4) appropriate ground does not alleviate the person that worsen even, answer to transmit the patient the area with inferior altitude as soon as possible, although height above sea level drops 300m, the symptom also is met clear improvement

How does infantile highland reaction do

2, the cure that chronic highland reacts

(1) appropriate ground is treated in the likelihood the circumstance falls, should transmit sea level area to live.

(The person that 2) oxygen cure weighs disease is nightly give low flow to absorb oxygen (1 ~ 2L/min) can alleviate symptom. Can grant discontinuous or absorb oxygen continuously, do not advocate absorb oxygen for long, because airframe of be a hindrance to is opposite,be used to of low oxygen environment is taken. Can be like the cure such as amine of acetic nitrogen acyl or alkaline profess to convinced of the tea that use ammonia with light delay diuretic when necessary.

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Amine of second phthalein Zun or progesterone of classics of ester acerbity armour, can improve oxygen degree of saturation.

(4) vein bloodlettings vein bloodlettings can serve as temporarily remedy.

How does infantile highland reaction do

3, the precaution of downy reaction

Adaptability should make take exercise to psychology and constitution before entering a high mountain, if had better undertake inside low-pressure cabin stimulation of discontinuity low oxygen and be used to are taken conditionally,take exercise, make airframe can have to turning to downy and anoxic environment by Campagna somehow physiology is adjusted. Think at present besides special to low oxygen susceptible person, the hill on type of a flight of stairs is the the most reliable, safest method with precautionary acute ill highland. Expert proposal, if the person that the high mountain is entered first needs to enter 4000m above highland when, answer to keep 2 ~ 3 days in place of 2500 ~ 3000m commonly, the speed that rises everyday next1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Unfavorable 900m of more than 600 ~ . After arriving at highland, the head avoids two days to drink, avoid to weigh manual activity, spend an activity gently to be able to make review1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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Take. Avoid cold prevent frostbite, notice heat preservation, the view is multi-purpose tall carbohydrate food. Avoid smoke alcoholic drink, make sure supply is sufficient liquid. On acetazolamide is used before hill, rice of ground a place of strategic importance is loose, thorn slender acanthopanax, dangshen of medicine made of two or more ingredients, the symptom with the ill to prevent and reducing acute highland medicine such as Shu Bili may be effective. Have implement qualitative sex disease, serious neurasthenic or respiratory tract affects a patient, unfavorable enter downy area.

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