[skin of pregnant later period is urticant how to do] how does terminal _ solve _ pregnant –

[skin of pregnant later period is urticant how to do] how does terminal _ solve _ pregnant –

Article introduction

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Because pregnant woman did not notice wholesome problem of the individual is caused,skin of pregnant later period itchs is, the exudation because of the hormone inside body grow in quantity, skin excretive oil is more at that time, we should notice cutaneous is cleaned, and the mood that should assure oneself, avoid to flinch with the hand the skin, use antibiotic to have daub skin affected part next. Treat a method to what skin of pregnant later period itchs, we can understand the content of this article introduction.

Skin of pregnant later period is urticant how to do

One, pregnant is terminal skin Sao is urticant how to return a responsibility

1, explicit because ofForum of Shanghai noble baby

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Explicit element is the main reason that causes skin Sao to itch, this moment is about to look for accurate disease, suit the remedy to the case, such ability not medicine and more, but if unidentified reason is caused, proposal pregnant woman makes further examination, accept medication, ability lets him spend happy pregnancy, lest because of itch and affect individual mood, right fetal bad instead, want to assure good mood so.

2, infection

Occasionally infection also can cause Sao of pregnant woman skin to itch, affect scabies, or weather passesFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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At wet, environment constitution of bad, individual compares weak easy allergy to wait a moment, a lot of elements cause skin Sao easily to itch, so, want all the more attention, because,do not want temporarily lazy and oversight pregnant woman, the protective dispute of pregnant woman1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Constant important, want from many sided proceed with, the health that just can assure darling so only is born.

Skin of pregnant later period is urticant how to do

2, pregnant is terminal skin Sao is urticant how to do

1, reduce mortgage

Mental insecurity, rage, can aggravating Sao is urticant, so pregnant woman should reduce mortgage above all, avoid be agitated and angst uneasiness.

2, notice the skin is clear1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

Love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

Should hold to everyday hot water bath, perhaps act without the condition disadvantageous pregnant mom also should brush next bodies with hot water, should bathe inside a week. And be in burning hot when, be about to accomplish bathed every day, Forum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Stimulative cutaneous health metabolizes and grease is secreted, the on the rails that sweat fluid excretes, improve skin itching. The gentle, clean things that does not have stimulation should be used when bathing, in grease not much circumstance falls, can clean with clear water. The water that bathe is warm unfavorable and exorbitant, bathing time shoulds not be too long.

3, avoid to scratch catch stop itch

After because be scratched ceaselessly,be being caught, the skin often aglow and occurrence score, make excoriation appears hematic scab, with the passing of time can bring about the skin to add thick, pigment to deepen, then accentuation Sao is urticant, still can cause fester sex appeal to catch even.

Skin of pregnant later period is urticant how to do

4, want to avoid perspiration

External application had better not be used in pregnancy medicine, can the method of medicaments of try out blame will prevent, avoid perspiration, perspiration hind is wiped as soon as possible, otherwise damp sweat will be aggravating the degree with urticant Sao, dress is comfortable and comfortable, wait less with disappear bane water or soap.

5, do good skin is protected wet

Respecting is protected wet, this is a bit important more special, how is the pregnant woman between pregnancy protected as to the bosom wet, besides drinking water to eat vegetable of melon and fruit more more, also want to pay attention to those who protect skin to taste to use. Pregnant mom must choose pregnant woman special protect skin to taste will undertake the skin is protected wet. The gentle, embellish skin that does not have stimulation should be used as soon as possible after bathing every time frost or pure protect skin naturally to taste even put on the skin at skin surface, flap gently to absorb, such is helpful for that retain cutaneous moisture.

6, the close-fitting clothings with comfortable choice

The clothings of complete cotton can reduce pair of cutaneous stimulation, underwear also does not want too close, cause attrition to also can cause skin stimulation, dry inflammation otherwise.

7, those who prevent food ingredient is exciting

If eat the excitant food such as chili, ginger, unripe garlic less. Of seafood absorb should right amount, because seafood can be aggravating skin Sao is urticant.

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