Data proves everything ” greedy cavern ” top outfit rabbi harms computation

Data proves everything ” greedy cavern ” top outfit rabbi harms computation

” greedy cavern ” Sino-French division department employs law sword to go slant sharp edge, so ” greedy cavern ” the might of Sino-French division after all how? We are analysed today with number according to talking below ” greedy cavern ” the might of rabbi.

Aggrandizement of numerical value of charm of Tartarean top outfit can increase charm numerical value to MAX 480 above. Top class charm adds demon to be able to increase numerical value to be in 150 above. Increase the property that add evil spirit, every equipment piles cost of 1100 above charm very easily, 8 equip even if 8800 above charm is worth. Increase magic power 10% what allocation of check the number increases, character charm is worth near 10000. So below circumstance of 10000 charm value, is rabbi skill produces the result how?

Remedial method, reply (60+ charm *350% ) life value. When 10000 charm, reply blood quantity is 35060. Use up 40 bits of blackart to be worth discharge method of a treatment, character instantly full blood.

Blackart is absorbed, cause (50+ charm *125% ) blackart harm, reply (10+ the oldest magic are worth 2% ) dot blackart value. When 10000 charm, cause blackart harm to be 12550 blackart harm. MAX of value of top outfit blackart piles very easily 1000 (every equipment piles a blackart to be worth only) , reply blackart value is controlled for 30 bits.

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