Fujian sea salt but not general! It can be the has good fortune salt of be worthy of the name

Fujian sea salt but not general! It can be the has good fortune salt of be worthy of the name

Dispatch was in the net austral Fujian on January 24 home, salt has 3 kinds big: Salt of sea salt, lake and well mine salt. After salt changes, fujian is entered outside the province most is well mine salt, fujian people for generations is to eat sea salt, where is that both distinction there is what?

Worker of salt field of Fujian half way up the mountain makes salt

The difference of well mine salt, sea salt but big

According to introducing, well mine salt makes craft divide 5 paces to go: The bittern of exploitation halite or draw-out underground runoff; Bittern purifies processing, eliminate impurity; Vacuum or hot pressing evaporate; Centrifugal dehydrate is dry; Join ferrous potassium cyanide or be packed and become. (following plan institute are shown) but as a result of well mine salt especially halite can have before purify impurity many cannot the mineral, impurity of edible, because this is producing the need in the process,adopt all sorts of chemical craft to try purify.


chanization of classics of well mine salt is machined 阿拉爱上海同城

and after adding the agent that fight a form, character whiteness, grain is even, liquidity is good, sodium chloride content achieves 99% above, do not contain the microelement that human body place needs basically, mouthfeel is shown salty, have agonized feeling.

Sea salt, it is with seawater (northward some uses subterranean bittern) the salt that makes for raw material. Seawater is entered through accept tide evaporate pool, classics insolation evaporates condense make saturated bittern, continue to evaporate in crystallization pool crystallization, artificial or repass is mechanical receive salt, caboodle Tuo finishs production. Sea salt although the outward appearance is not上海贵族宝贝论坛

as good as mine salt, but sodium chlor新上海贵族宝贝论坛

ide content is low, contain the microelement that human body place needs. Especially content of magnesian ion of southern sea salt is high, do not need to add any agents that fight a form.

The craft making salt of sea salt has the north, branch south again. Northward sea salt uses seawater normally or subterranean bittern is made through evaporating to crystallize for a long time, nature of Fujian sea salt is to belong to southern craft, use accept tide, insolation, crystallization, gather up salt, drench craft of bittern, tradition putting in Tuo ‘s charge is made and into. (following plan institute are shown)

Fujian sea salt but not general oh

According to account, the history that Fujian seawater makes salt but times of emperor of restrospect to Qin Shi, to Tang Dynasty Fujian coastal sea salt makes the scale with was had certain, to Song Jinshi the making method of acting Fujian sea salt already had essential sex to change, legal system of original creation insolation makes sea salt continue to use up to now, salt field of fontal city half way up the mountain is known as the countryside of culture of Chinese sea salt. The salt of insolation legal system of Fujian exposes to the sun because of be being basked in by day color completely salt, color and clean arenaceous as good as obtain exterior whiteness, quality of a material exquisite and the praise highly outside getting within the country fully.

The Panama world rich 1915 is met on, fujian sea salt with character exceedingly good win golden qualitative award.

Fujian saline builds craftsmanship to carry alone, pool of the crystallization end stone, brick, porcelain is unique, because make insolation of craft inheritance ancient magic art, keep fine from beginning to end, those who work is white, high quality and be famous in global, get Hua Na, Hua Dong, China in the favour of country and the area such as major province and southeast Asia, Japan, Korea, the important meeting such as Hangzhou G20 regards the conference as special salt Fujian sea salt, japan produces high-end food with Fujian sea salt.

The traditional and artificial natural sea salt that Fujian saline protects for countrywide only government produces a division, hold countrywide convention artificial insolation sea salt the crop of 70% above, crop is exiguous, character is revealed distinctly precious.

Convention of part of Fujian sea salt, natural, healthy, delicate, precious is rare 5 blessing at a suit.

Traditional: Song Daisheng produces craft inheritance, pure artificial production, pure quality goods is qualitative.

Craft: It is raw material with pure natural seawater, natural wind, sunshine wind blows insolation to form, natural and crystal, be not chemical process production.

Healthy: Former zoology, contain a lot ofa few kinds of 上海贵族宝贝

microelement that human body place needs, do not add any agents that fight a form.

Delicate: Mouthfeel Qing Dynasty is bright, mouthfeel answers pleasant, natural taste.

Precious is rare: Manufacturing technology environment is distinctive, southern minority place is only producible, crop is exiguous, duplicate hard, it is the mankind immaterial culture inheritance. Fujian sea salt is the has good fortune salt of be worthy of the name, healthy source!

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