[of airing jerk have a way] _ of _ edible method how edible –

[of airing jerk have a way] _ of _ edible method how edible –

Article introduction

Jerk is a kind of our very familiar food. Airing jerk is a kind of very good between-meal nibbles. Although smell is very sweet beautiful, but mastication rises,need tooth is healthy, and should have very great effort. So airing jerk can choose to have a way otherlyShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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, because just work,eat to be chewed easily do not move. If cooperate other edibles to should be met better, so of airing jerk what to eat a law to have?

 Of airing jerk have a way

Airing jerk is direct edible commonly, it is OK to eat when snacks, if feel too hard, can try the method below:

1, cut small, not too small, probably 1-21 centimeter, chew slowly.

2, can tear apart with the hand eat, also can feel so not so hard.

3, can put microwave oven to lie between water steam.

Patulous data:

Differentiate jerk of true and false to be able to undertake from the many respects such as colour and lustre, odour, viscosity, flexibility preliminary differentiate, specific means:

1, color: Beef is adipose show white or lacteal yellow, more adipose than porkyLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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Want apparently little.

 Of airing jerk have a way

2, flavour: True beef has the smell of mutton with light peculiar beef, thick flesh is sweet, may be the flesh with other perhaps pork otherwise kind treatment makes.

3, simple sense: The fiber length of beef is longer, Forum of Shanghai noble baby

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Fleshy simple structure is thick compact, and porky fiber length is shorter, fleshy simple structure is fine inattentive.

4, mouthfeel: Feel the flesh is old when edible beef, feel the flesh is tender when porker flesh.

What airing beef is born is ripe still

Jerk isLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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Ripe. Do good tasty first ripeLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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, be in next airing.

Solid really before not be ripe just1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai
Airing, it is unripe previously when with respect to airing. Because there is not the place of the cold storage such as freezer before, so people cuts the flesh good airing reserve.

Jerk practice:

1. beef cuts man, do not cut too finelily, 1-2 centimeter square with respect to OK. Cassia bark of anise of pink of mixture soy Chinese prickly ash 2 hours of avoid by all means put the flavor souse such as big sweet clove salt

Water is added to burn heat inside 2. boiler, beef man and the mixture of flavor are put after water boil, 10 minutes are stewed with medium baking temperature after conflagration boils 20 minutes. The purpose is purify beef bead medium adipose.

 Of airing jerk have a way

The edible inside another boiler of 3. is oily (cannot too little, oil absorption of bovine diced meat is very fierce, stick boiler otherwise) burn heat, add improvement of 3 spoon candy. Put beef man, new anise, lilac (the new expression that I say is not the) that a moment ago immersed together, still have white of Chinese prickly ash, break up soy touch is added after frying, thick chili sauce is fried ceaselessly next fry ceaselessly fry ceaselessly ah fry, the feeling worked to put saline touch quite really, have pot.

Note: Whole process must not have water, in hermetically sealed can is being loaded after from inside water from jerk fish out should accuse to do the boiler since moisture, eat how to much take, place in shady and cool place.

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