[the practice that Qiu Kui fries yam] _ does _ how to do –

[the practice that Qiu Kui fries yam] _ does _ how to do –

Article introduction

Abelmosk follows yam is us two common kinds are compared to feed capable person in the life, the way that we make it also is very much, can use Qiu Kui at frying cutlet, and yam basically is to be used at Bao soup, both also can put together fry, suggest everybody can try its way. Fry the practice of yam to Qiu Kui, we need yam evaporate ripe fry Qiu Kui a few minutes to be able to join condiment to taste a boiler again next.

Abelmosk fries the practice of yam

Raw material:

Yam Qiu Kui


1. yam flay is abluent water of float of stripping and slicing reserves; ham is abluent cut into shreds, ginger cuts end to reserve.

2. boiler heats up oiling, the end that put ginger explodes sweet later join ham silk to break up fry become angry, ordinal join yam and Qiu Kui to break up together fry 2 minutes.

3. is ordinal finally add unripe smoke, salt and gallinaceous essence flavor, scatter on garlic bolt fries divide evenly can.

Xiao stick person

Fry after water of 1. yam float rise particularly relaxed not sticky be bored with.

2. ham slants salty, take into consideration the circumstances adds salt.

3. yam and Qiu Kui float crosses water, conflagration wants to be fried quickly when be being fried so.

Abelmosk fries the practice of yam

The effect of abelmosk and action

3.1, filling kidney is strong in relief

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Have ” plant Wei elder brother ” good name, its agglutinant albumen has the effect that raises kidney to lay seed, have auxiliary therapy effect to disease of kidney empty, prostatitis.

3.2, hurried is digested, increase appetite

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agglutinant material can promote intestines and stomach to wriggle, accelerate gastric juice to secrete, conduce to digest, admirable to the person effect of inappetence.

3.3, disease of precautionary heart and vesselsShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Solubility fiber is contained a lot ofin the agglutinant material of abelmosk, can reduce human body cholesterol, reduce hematic fat, but beforehand the cardiovascular disease such as arteriosclerosis, coronary heart disease.

3.4, the platoon is poisonous, prevent cancer

Material of abelmosk method fiber is helpful for human body aperient, platoon is poisonous, still can prevent stomach cancer.

Abelmosk fries the practice of yam

3.5, Fall in love with the sea

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Reduce weight

Abelmosk is food of low quantity of heat, long-term edible both neither can add weight, still can fall fat reduces weight, beautiful to love woman is very good food for the friend.

3.6, fight oxidation, delay consenescence

The yellow ketone content of abelmosk is as high as 2.8% , yellow ketone is one kind veryForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Strong antioxidant, can keep clear of effectively the oxygen inside human body is free base, can prevent a cell degrade and anile.

3.7, alleviate exhaustion

Contemporary life business is nervous, bigger to person pressure, often edible can eliminate exhaustion, fast refection.

3.8, fill calcic

The quantity containing calcium of abelmosk and grandma kind equal, but the one times above that its uptake is calciumLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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, it is the food with filling most good calcium.

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